Delivery Muffle Furnaces to Jamaica

Muffle Furnaces Were Successfully Sent to Jamaica


Today, the three muffle furnaces purchased by the customer in Jamaica were delivered successfully. He is a loyal customer, and our high quality and strong after-sales service make him choose Nanbei again. This is a very pleasant cooperation. 


The muffle furnace is usually called electric furnace, resistance furnace, and Maofu furnace, which is a universal heating device. The muffle furnace can be used in thermal processing, industrial workpiece processing, cement and building materials industries for thermal processing or treatment of small workpieces. It can also be used in the pharmaceutical industry for drug inspection and pretreatment of medical samples. In the analytical chemistry industry, it is used for sample processing in water quality analysis and environmental analysis fields, and also for petroleum analysis. In addition, the muffle furnace can also be used for coal quality analysis to determine moisture, ash, volatile content, and to conduct ash melting point analysis, ash composition analysis, and elemental analysis.


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