Delivered Gas Chromatograph to Zambia

Today, our company delivered two GC112N gas chromatographs purchased by the customer to Zambia. This model realizes the synchronous two-way control of PC end reverse control and host touch screen, and has perfect system self-test function and automatic fault identification function. The customer is very satisfied with our reasonable recommendation.


Gas chromatograph can usually be used to analyze organic compounds in soil with thermal stability and boiling point not exceeding 500°C, such as volatile organic compounds, organic chlorine, organic phosphorus, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, phthalates, etc. it has the advantages of rapidity, effectiveness and high sensitivity, and plays an important role in the study of soil organic compounds. Gas chromatograph can be used in environmental protection, biochemistry, food fermentation, petroleum processing, organic chemistry, health inspection, Chinese and Western medicine and other fields.


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