The correct inspection method of vacuum pump

The correct inspection method of vacuum pump: 1. See if the main technical performance (vacuum degree, etc.) of the vacuum pump meets the design requirements or process requirements, whether the auxiliary equipment such as the condenser is...

Maintenance of the incubator

1. The surface of the constant temperature incubator should be scrubbed frequently to keep it clean. Avoid the side of the instrument control box when scrubbing, so as not to drip water into the instrument and damage the instrument. 2. For...

Precautions when using rotary evaporator

Precautions when using rotary evaporator: 1. When using, first draw a small vacuum (about 0.03MPa), and then open and rotate to prevent the distillation flask from slipping. When stopping, stop the rotation first, hold the distillation flas...

Why does the biochemical incubator freeze?

The biochemical incubator has a cooling function. The equipment will freeze and block in the process of use. The main reasons for this phenomenon are as follows: 1. There is too much water in the refrigerant, and the charging will cause ice...

Happy Spring Festival!

Happy Spring Festival! The Chinese Spring Festival is coming. In accordance with the relevant regulations of national statutory holidays and the actual situation of the company,NANBEI Company hereby inform you of the arrangements for the Sp...

Notification letter for Safety of Goods

Notification letter for Safety of Goods 1. How long can the new coronavirus survive in the air? In general, the same type of enveloped virus, such as SARS virus, can survive for up to 6 hours in a dry state and up to 24 hours in a wet state...

New Coronavirus Prevention and Control Plan

New Coronavirus Prevention and Control Plan I. Introduction The worst news for Wuhan, China in 2020: a new outbreak of coronavirus pneumonia. As of February 24th, 2020, there were 77,262 cases of infection in the country, and all pathogens...

Customer business risk aversion temporary solution

Customer business risk aversion temporary solution 1.About the timely delivery of orders in March and April Our company decided through the conference call of middle and high level to provide the following green channels for the key custome...

March Expo

TheNANBEIInstrumentMarchPromotionbegins, Time:3.1-3.31 PurchaseofinstrumentsinMarchwillsellthefollowingbenefits: 1.10%discountforallproducts. 2.Only20%depositfororder. 3.OrdersoverUSD20000,minusUSD1000. Allshipmentsaredisinfectedduringtheep...

Epidemic prevention supplies

As coronavirus spreads, attacks have hit all over the world. NANBEI Companies have decided to provide customers with Epidemic prevention supplies. The following is a list of Epidemic prevention supplies: Medical mask N95 mask Infrared therm...

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