Water quality analyzer precautions

Water quality analyzer is suitable for water source monitoring, environmental monitoring stations, municipal water treatment processes, municipal pipe network water quality supervision, rural tap water monitoring; circulating cooling water,...

How to choose a mask, which masks is good?

How to choose a mask, which masks is good? 1. Does wearing a mask really work? it works! However, wearing a mask and washing your hands frequently must be performed simultaneously. 2. Types and uses of masks Recommendations: N95 (with or wi...

How to choose the protective clothing?

How to choose the protective clothing that suits you is a science. We have summarized 7 key points to teach you how to choose the protective clothing that suits you. These 7 key points are Protective function 2. (Re mention) protection func...

International Workers' Day

InternationalWorkersDay is coming, According to our companys actual schedule, we make the following arrangements for the May Day holiday in 2020. 1. Leave time: May 1-3, 3 days in total. 2. All departments of our company have made proper ar...

Principle of liquid density meter

Density meter produced by Zhengzhou Nanbei Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd .: The density meter used in physical experiments is an instrument for measuring the density of liquids. It is manufactured and operated according to the principle tha...

Sterilization by ultraviolet sterilizer principle

The sterilization principle of the ultraviolet sterilizer is to use the irradiation intensity of the ultraviolet lamp, that is, the irradiation intensity emitted by the ultraviolet sterilization lamp is inversely proportional to the distanc...

The maintenance method of nitrogen blower

The nitrogen blower has the characteristics of time saving, convenient operation and easy control, and can quickly obtain the expected results. It is widely used in pesticide residue analysis, commodity inspection, food, environment, pharma...

NANBEI Company PCR laboratory construction plan

Affected by the new coronavirus, in order to enhance the detection capabilities of nucleic acids and antibodies, many countries have begun to establish PCR testing laboratory projects. In this article, the NANBEI Company will introduce the...

NANBEI Instrument wish you a nice Dragon Boat Festival

NanbeiInstrumentwishyouaniceDragonBoatFestival TheDragonBoatFestivaliscoming.NanbeiInstrumentmakesthefollowingholidayscheduleaccordingtoouractualsituation.Pleasepayattentiontothetimearrangements. Holidaytime: 1.BeijinOffice:threedaysoffonJun...

How to clean desktop low speed centrifuge

First, add the materials to be separated into the centrifuge tubes of the desktop low-speed centrifuge and insert them into the holes of the centrifuge head. (However, the amount of material added to each centrifuge tube must be basically t...

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