Tester for Pesticide residues introduction 1

Tester for Pesticide residues introduction 1 Testing Principle After digestion to the sample , all metals (Arsenic, Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, Chromium) are into ionic form , heavy metal and dithizone solution can form purple solution in near-...

Tester for Pesticide residues introduction 2

Tester for pesticide residues introduction 2 Instrument Structure There is 4 buttons for the instrument in all, function is as follows : Enter button : Operator ensure his operation step is right , press the button for next operation . Back...

Oil and slurry tester

NF-1 NF-2 Differential Sticking Tester NF-2 type of adhesion coefficient tester Overview The instrument is an analog of the test analysis equipment, mainly for the monitoring of deep drilling and borehole drilling fluid in the coefficient o...

Constant temperature and humidity incubator test case selection

Constant temperature and humidity tester test case selection The environment or the reliability test for each category, quantity, value and tolerance to environmental factors have strict requirements, and eliminate the environmental factors...

Steam Sterilizer User Manual 1

S team Sterilizer User Manual 1 Generation Model LS-B50L VerticalCylindricalPressureSteamSterilizeris controlledbymicrocomputer, installedwithanelectricalheater,atimer,anautomaticallypressure-temperaturecontroller,a safetyvalve,areleasingva...

Steam Sterilizer User Manual 2

Steam Sterilizer User Manual 2 III.StructureCharacteristics 1.Thesterilizercomponentbycontainer,lid,pipe.controlsystem,heatingsystemandsafesystemsetc. 2.Thestructureoftheunitisasinglelayercylindricalbody.Itsdesign,manufactureandinspectionar...

Steam Sterilizer User Manual 3

Steam Sterilizer User Manual 3 (II)datasettingchecking 1、datasetting Thedatabeneeded:coolairreleasetemperature,steriletemperature,steriletime. Thistimesettingvalueisdefaultnexttime. settingmethod: 1.1、Pointsetkey:toplinenixietubedis...

How to identify the ice making machine

How to identify the ice making machine A good ice machine, every little detail technical content through the whole machine aspects and manufacturing process. If the general consumers distinguish carefully, you will find the merits of the di...

Steam Sterilizer User Manual 4

Steam Sterilizer User Manual 4 3 Circuit: Fig.4outputcircuitboard Highvoltage,pleasecutoffthepowerthenrepair. V.Attentionandmaintenance Theoperatorofthesterilizershouldhavetheoperationknowledgeandresponsibilitytoregularlymaintaintheunittopr...

Freeze drying advantages overview

LGJ-100F Drying freezer Advantages: 1, preserved nutrients intact (such as protein, vitamin, plant nutrients etc.). 2, save shape, color and configuration of the original food. 3, add water, can recover fast, completely. 4, room temperature...

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