Rotary Evaporator Delivered to Sudan

Rotary Evaporator Delivered to Sudan for Laboratory Construction


In order to expand their laboratory, a customer from Sudan purchased three rotary evaporators NBRE-3002, and related supporting equipment, including three refrigerated circulators, and three vacuum pumps from our company Nanbei. Based on our contract, we made this delivery for their laboratory expansion.


Delivery details:

Project name: laboratory building

Product name: rotary evaporator

Model: NBRE-3002

Manufacturing code: 21073077

Power: 7KW

Supporting equipment: refrigerated circulator; vacuum pump

Date: July 28th, 2021


Rotary evaporator is a commonly used experimental instrument in various laboratories, and has the advantages of fast drying speed, large volume of single sample that can be processed at a time, and low price. It is widely used in chemistry, chemical industry, bio-medicine and other fields. 


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