Delivery Shaker to Jamaica

The Order for 3 Incubator Shakers Were Delivered on Time


Recently, our company delivered 3 incubator shakers to the customer in Jamaica, who was a small research institute, and the model is HNY-852. HNY series incubator shaker is an open type oscillating equipment used for centralized temperature control in the same temperature control place and mass production of cluster oscillation, which is convenient to operate, economical and practical.


The incubator shaker is suitable for concentrated constant temperature and cluster oscillation in a specific constant temperature room, and usually is divided into single-layer shaker and double-layer shaker, which provides the high shaking efficiency for production operations and biopharmaceutical research and application field pilot trials and large-scale strain screening. The incubator shaker has a wide range of major applications in research and application fields such as medicine, biology, molecular science, pharmacy, food, and environment.


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