Delivered 4 sets Flame Photometers to Turkey

4 Flame Photometers Were Successfully Delivered to Turkey


Today, our company delivered 4 FP640 flame photometers to the customer in Turkey. This is the second time this customer has purchased our products. In addition to reliable product quality, he believes that our meticulous service and strong after-sales support are also very satisfying. Ordering products from us saves time and effort, without worries.


The flame photometer is an analytical instrument based on the emission spectrum, which is composed of a gas and flame combustion part, an optical part, a photoelectric converter, and a detection and recording part. Nowadays, the more advanced flame photometer can perform simultaneous analysis and detection of multiple elements at the same time, with integrated air compressor design and software recording. The flame photometer can be used for the detection of sodium, potassium, calcium, barium, alkali metals and sulfates.


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