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ZDJ-4A Automatic potential titrator




Product Introduction

 Instrument functions:

u       LCD display and English operation interface which can show measuring parameters and results.

u       It has pre-titration, preset endpoint titration, blank titration or manual titration functions. It can form specific titration modes according to the user’s habit.

u        There are several different titration modes with different sensors: acid base titration, redox titration, precipitation titration, complexometry titration and non-aqueous titration.

u       The stirring system adopts PWM modulation technique and applies software to reduce the noise.

u       It has RS-232 communication port and can be connected with TP-16 printer to print measuring data, titration curve and calculation results.

u       Specific Rex titration software can be used to connect with PC and the results can be shown on the screen. Also, the titration modes can be edited and modified for remote control and calculation of several statistics.

u       The titrator adopts the specific material which is against perchloric acid corrosion and can conduct several titration reactions.


1、  Measuring range:           


2、   Resolution




3、  Accuracy:

pH±0.01pH±1 bit


Temp: ±0.3°C±1 bit

4、  Accuracy of titration tube volume:

10ml titration tube±0.025ml

20ml titration tube±0.035ml

5、  Resolution of titration tube:

       10ml titration tube1/10000

20ml titration tube2/10000

6、  The speed of transfusion or fluid infusion:(50±10sWhen the titration tube is full

7、  Titration analysis of repeatability: 0.2%

8、  Titration control sensitivity:±2 mV

9、  Stability:(±0.3mV±1 bit/3h

10、     Power: AC (220±22)V(50±1)Hz

11、     Dimension(mm)340×400×400

12、     Weight: 10 kg


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