WRS-1A Digital Melting-point Apparatus




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According to the definition of physics and chemical, melting point is the temperature of the substance changed from solids to liquids. The measurement melting point is basic means that recognize the substance's nature and important way to measure its purity in organic chemical field. 

The meter is very important in chemical industry, medical research, it is also indispensable equipment to produce medicine, perfumes, dyestuff and other organic crystal substance. 

The meter is digital display, which has function of original melting, terminal melting, constant temperature, heat preservations and others.

The temperature system of WRS-1A is designed in linearity platinum resistor as test accessories, microprocessor-based control of oven temperature and readout. Original temperature' is eight files optional, speed of linearity upgrade temperature controlled automatically. The original melting value can also be saved automatically. The device adopts capillary as sample tube by pharmacopoeia prescribed.


    • Measuring ranges: Room temperature to 300°C
    • Minimun digital display: 0.1°C
    • Rising temperature speed: 0.2,0.5,1,1.5,2,3,4,5°C
    • Accuracy: < 200° C : ±0.5°C;200~300° C: ±0.8°C
    • Overall Dimensions: 550mm×330mm×210mm
    • Weight: 15kg
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