Blood centrifuge operation steps

Blood centrifuge operation steps

1. When using various centrifuges, the centrifuge tube and its contents must be precisely balanced on the balance in advance. The weight difference during balance shall not exceed the range specified in the manual of each centrifuge. Each centrifuge has different rotors. For their respective allowable differences, the rotor must not be loaded with an odd number of tubes. When the rotor is only partially loaded, the tubes must be placed symmetrically in the rotor so that the load is evenly distributed around the rotor.

2. When centrifuging at a temperature lower than room temperature, the rotor should be placed in the refrigerator or placed in the rotor room of the centrifuge to pre-cool before use.

3. Do not leave at will during the centrifugation process, and observe whether the instrument on the centrifuge is working properly at any time. If there is any abnormal sound, stop the machine for inspection immediately and troubleshoot in time.

4. Each rotor has its maximum allowable speed and cumulative usage limit. When using the rotor, please refer to the manual and do not use it at excessive speed. Each rotor must have a use file to record the accumulated use time. If the maximum use time limit of the rotor is exceeded, the rotor must be replaced.


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