NANBEI Instrument EU trademark NANBEI officially passed the registration certification

Recently, our NANBEI trademark registered in the European Union was officially approved, involving the 7th, 9th, 10th, and 11th categories of the international classification. The EU trademark registration number: 018644113

   An EU trademark refers to a mark registered by OHIM (Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market) and used to identify and distinguish goods or services according to the conditions specified in the EU Trademark Regulations, and can be effectively used within the 28 EU countries. The acquisition of the trademark registration certificate will help us strengthen trademark protection overseas, safeguard the company's intellectual property rights, improve the company's brand and international market awareness, and provide important basic conditions in the European market.


NANBEI Instrument will continue to adhere to the tenet of innovation, focus, and pursuit of quality, continue to devote ourselves to the design, research and development, production and sales of instruments and equipment, and will continue to provide high-quality and excellent products to customers at home and abroad.

Post time: 2022-06-23

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