Brief Introduction

Zhengzhou Nanbei Instrument Equipment Co.,Ltd. is affiliated to Nanbei International Group Limited.It has been exported to more than 120 countries around the world for 20 years , and it is one of the largest and the most comprehensive instrument and equipment manufacturers in China. It integrates research , development , production and sales as one of the independent legal personality persified technology group. NANBEI has obtained ISO9001:2015,SGS,TUV certification,and our products have EU CE,RoHS and CNAS certification.We are headquartered in Zhengzhou,China,and have offices in Beijing,Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. ...[More >>]

Laboratory Instruments

General instrument used for research and laboratory

Testing Instrument

Analyzing and testing instrument


All kinds of microscope in laboratory

Life Science Instruments

Instrument for life sciences and applied sciences

Laboratory Box Types

Drying oven, incubator, test chamber instruments

Professional Instruments

Professional instruments for each industry

Physical Testing Instruments

Physical properties testing equipment

Agricultural Instruments

Professional instruments for modern agriculture and food industry

Water Analysis Equipments

Water quality, environmental testing instrument

Chemical Analysis Equipments

Analysis instrument and equipment for chemistry

Ice Maker

Apply to restaurants, bars, fresh, refrigerated and frozen, laboratory

Medical Supplies

Mask,Surgical Gown,Medical Protective Wear,PCR Laboratory

The Main Products

NANBEI main business involves lab instruments,life science equipment,ice machines,electrochemical analysis instruments,optical instruments,medical equipment,physical testing instruments and equipment, environment equipment/flow meter,industry-specific equipment,drug testing equipment, seeds, equipments, agriculture and food equipment,petroleum equipment,coal equipment, surveying instruments,construction equipment,road equipment,geological equipment, reagents supplies,weather instruments,environmental equipment and other products. We have won the trust and support with persified business model, professional technology,high-tech equipment,excellent work ethic, excellent business reputation,high quality products and perfect after-sales service in the course of business. We are trying to set up the global regional service agents,and NANBEI is being in the Asia Pacific region Equipment Industry-leading brands.

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Brief Introduction

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Company Spirit

People-oriented , mutual trust and common development

Company Culture

inspire us to pursue excellence, create the perfect.

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Cooperating with us

NANBEI have cooperated with “Alibaba”,“Made in China”,”Global Sources” and other companies for many years to promote the company's products. According to Google, Alibaba, Baidu, Yahoo, Bing as the key development platform of NANBEI company. see more

Our subsidiary company

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Provide continuous, efficient and fast services to users, build superior service brand;
Establish a sound service network, provide specialized, standardized and diversified products and services;
User-centric, customer satisfaction will be the standard measure of all the work;
Provide Life-long repair and maintenance services , supply spare parts with free lifetime in time;
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NANBEI head office is located in Central city in China: ZHENGZHOU city, Henan Province. Where is the major city Eurasian railway, the first Airport economic comprehensive experimental area in China, where the high-speed railway, highway accessible. Our company has offices in Shanghai of China: Shanghai Zhenghong Industrial Co., Ltd. +86 21 61998707, who is mainly sell products in china and provide after-sale service, and export.
NANBEI Chinese web: ZhengZhou Nanbei Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd.
NANBEI Shanghai branch web: Shanghai Zhenghong Industrial Co., Ltd.

Quality Control

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