Use of Living Leaf Area Meter

Use of Living Leaf Area Meter


Leaf area meter can accurately measure the size of plant leaves. Plant leaves play a very important role in the growth of crops. Physiological phenomena such as plant photosynthesis and transpiration are accomplished through plant leaves. The size of the leaf area directly affects the yield of crops to a certain extent. Therefore, the establishment of a convenient and accurate leaf area measurement method is of positive significance for guiding the research on the physiological mechanism of crops, the practice of agricultural production and the formulation of high-yield, high-quality and efficient cultivation techniques.


At present, there are many methods for measuring leaf area. We divide them into two categories: instrumental detection method and manual measurement method. Because different research requires different experimental accuracy and different purposes, the methods of measuring leaf area are also different, mainly including leaf area meter method, digital image processing method, planimeter method, graph paper method, coefficient method (parameter method), regression analysis method, parabola method, weighing method and graph decomposition method, etc.. According to the respective characteristics of these methods,they are applied in different studies, but the simpler and more convenient way is to use a leaf area meter.


Living leaf area meter can accurately measure the leaf area of plants. In agricultural production, growers always think of various methods to increase crop yields, one of which is to effectively increase leaf area.This is mainly to increase the plant's photosynthetic use efficiency by expanding its leaf area, thereby increasing the production yield. From this we can understand that crop leaf area is closely related to crop yield.


The use of living leaf area meter allows growers to fully know the leaf area of crops, and non-destructive measurement of plant leaves provides important data basis for related research and production. In the past, manual measurement method is often used for leaf area measurement, which has large error and also causes damage to the crop leaf area. Now the professional instruments can collect crops without damage, and can efficiently measure the leaf area of crops in various environments, which is easy to operate and can be directly brought to the site for in vivo measurement. In this way, not only the leaf area will not be damaged, but also the leaf area measurement can be carried out anytime and anywhere, which improves work efficiency, lowers the threshold of determination, and promotes the effective development of plant physiology research.


The growth and development of crops are closely related to the leaf area index. The growth status and conditions of the crops can be detected through instrumental measurement, so as to infer whether the growth environment is suitable for the crops. Therefore, measuring the leaf area of crops is an important part of physiological research. The instrument can realize non-destructive measurement of crop leaf area, and quickly and accurately detect the size of crop leaf area index.


Living leaf area meter is very easy and convenient to use, which can quickly determine the leaf area and other related parameters, measure the larger leaf area at one time, and get more accurate measurement results. In addition, it can save the measurement results, reduce the time and labor cost of manual data recording, and improve the accuracy of data results.


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