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WD-9413BN Gel imaging analysis system




Product Introduction


WD-9413BN is used for analyzing and researching into the gel image after the electrophoresis experiment. You can use the digital camera to take the photos of the gel under the UV light or the white light and then input the photo into the computer. With the help of the analysis software , you can enable fast and consistent analysis of 1D electrophoresis gel images with high levels of automation and accuracy. The analysis software has been developed specifically to guide the scientist through their analysis in a few clicks.


WD-9413BN Gel Documentation & Analysis System is an analyzer with darkroom, which consists of UV transmission lamphouse, white light lamphouse, darkroom, digital camera, computer and the analysis software, color printer, etc. You can use this apparatus in a normally lighted room. WD-9413BN has white light source and three kinds of wavelength of UV light source. According to your requirements, you can select a certain of wavelength of light source, and you can also select different kinds of wavelength of light sources and use them at the same time.


■   Simplicity, beautiful and exquisite exterior;

■   You can cut the gel with the help of the two side windows;

■   Withdrawable lamphouse holder frame make it easy and convenient to change the lamphouse;

■   Multi-functions: It can take a photo of the gel lighted by ultraviolet radiation or by white light, it can also take a photo of gel made by big size DNA sequencing electrophoresis cell;

■   Special high-quality UV filter and UV lighting tube, supporter for digital camera;

■   Real-time preview of the gel photo, automatically focusing of the digital camera can make you get the clear photos for one time.

Functions of the analysis software

1.)     1D Gel analysis:
Analyze a 1D electrophoresis gel image

2.)     Analysis toolbox
Analyze an image using area and profile based tools

3.)     Colony counting
Count colonies or detect 2D electrophoresis spots

4.)     Array analysis
Analyze a dot/slot blot, microtire plate or macroarray.


Compatiable with Win XP/2000


■   UV wavelength: transmission light: 300nm; reflex:254nm and 365nm;

■   Power of UV light: 300nm:8W; 254nm:28W; 365nm: 28W;

■   Light transmittance: Light transmittance of wavelength (230nm-400nm)≥40%;

■   Working environment:

    Ambient temperature: 15℃ - 35℃

    Relative humidity: ≤75%;

    Atmospheric pressure: 75kpa – 106kpa;

■   Power source: AC 220V±22V; Frequency: 50Hz±1Hz.

■   Window radiant flux density of UV light: ≥10μW/cm2; White light illumination≥100lx(luks-o);

■   Filter size (UV light): transmission window: 252 X 252(mm), reflex window: 190 X 41(mm); filter size(white light): 250 X 220(mm).

■   Power: 250VA;

■   External size:490 X 360 X 430 (mm);

■   Weight: about 21 kg.

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